Accessories can be our best friends when it comes to complete our outfits, to make us feel different and also to make the same outfit look different. This 2019 we bring you the top accessories you can get to make the most of any outfit!

Every Woman Needs a Bag
In 2018 we saw bags with furry details, with chains, bucket shape bags, and also the comeback of the 90s logomania trend. You pick your favourite!

This new year and for the season coming up don’t miss out the chance to complement your outfit with a chain handbag. This classic just had its revival and it to suits every occasion. Our favorite is the shoulder style because it’s a detail that brings shine to a night outfit.

The Furry trend is having its moment of glory with pom poms and handles. For a pop of color in your ensemble, just hanging a pom-pom to your bag will make you part of this trend and you can match it with the colours of the season.

Bucket bags in butterscotch or caramel hues were a hit during Fall, but we also see the XXL option in vibrant colors. A great option for 2019 is the super tote bag that holds everything you need from day to night.

Full Figure Tip: Remember to stand in front of a full-length mirror when you choose any bag to be able to see how it matches your outfit!

Jewelry can Always Make the Difference
Take advantage of your build with statement pieces, a great pair of dangling earrings or a cocktail ring, can level up a minimalist outfit or stamp the right vibe to your style, and that’s why we are big fans of accessories!

2018 was the official comeback of colored gems and jade stones, the revival of pearls and other fun materials like enamel and translucent acrylic.

This year the most popular trend was unique statement earrings with colorful tassels, beads, and more. Also, button earrings or stone studs were seen giving the pop of color to simple ensembles like skinny jeans and tees. Acrylic hoops and translucent earrings made a comeback too, bringing with them the 80’s vibe again.

Another popular piece during this year were pins, perfect for personalizing an outfit during the festive season or a special occasion. They are classic items that can be worn on a blazer or sweater and can make your outfit look chic.

Full Figure Tip: Proportion is key, don’t wear everything at the same time because you want to highlight one area of your body at a time!

Add a Belt
Fitting is another key styling point in fashion and belts are the perfect item to do so! Last year we saw at runways and streets, vintage style belts in classic leather and bold colors, pairing denim, blousy tops, and floral dresses.

Caramel and black soft leather belts looked great on denim, bold colors like red or green with monochromatic outfits were the upgrade and, original pieces with vintage details or hammered textures brought the edge touch to a cute top or floral dress. Remember that waist-defining can transform a look, so this accessory is a must in your wardrobe this and every year!

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