Three Advantages of Consignment

If you have casual, contemporary, modern chic clothing, shoes and accessories for women of all sizes, and they are not in use anymore, don’t throw them away! Consigning with us is an excellent opportunity to give your clothes a useful purpose and at the same time save considerable money.

Consignment stores are popular since ages as they offer never used, vintage, used, and hand-crafted clothes that are in a really usable condition. Since these clothes have owned before, they are available at much lower price than their original prices. However, this is not the only benefit of consigning. Check out these three reasons why we suggest consigning with us at Full Figure Fashions.

Reuse and Save Money

One of the most significant advantages of buying from plus size consignment stores such as Full Figure Fashions is that you save a lot on your shopping. When you consign with us, you can get a store credit for purchases, you can also get cash or request us for a cheque.

During your contract term, you have the option to pick up any items that were not sold, and after your term is over, we will donate our plus size clothing and accessories. Learn more about it in the consignment terms.

You Save Time and Support Local Shopping

Here at Full Figure Fashions, we take the time to sort, price, and sell your items. Consignment stores usually have a dedicated clientele so we can make more comfortable for you the task to match your clothes with the right people. An alternative to consignment stores is definitely selling your clothes online. Nonetheless, this also entails a lot of work and time.

Furthermore, through consignment you are supporting local shopping and even give back to the community as all the items that are not sold or picked up will be donated. That means that we make sure that your clothes become a treasure for the next owner.

Make More Space for You

Consignment is an excellent chance to create more closet space. Consigning with Full Figure Fashions can be a Great Solution to Declutter your Closet and simplify your life!

Visit Full Figure Fashions, in our Calgary plus size store you can find a vast variety of plus size women’s clothing both new lines and consignment items in all sizes 14+.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Among the many advantages of deciding to consign your clothes are reusing or re-purposing unused items in your closet, saving money and time, supporting local shopping and decluttering your closet.