In our culture obsessed with fitness and health, a lot of plus size yogis and athletes are transforming the way we think of wellness and movement. Though a lot of stigma is found around curvy and plus size bodies in the fitness related settings, an increasing number of plus size yogis and fitness practitioners have proved that plus size bodies can surely be fast, flexible and strong. Check out these inspiring yogis that are creating a positive change among people, and we think are worthy of following on Instagram.

Luisa – Curvy Girl Meets Yoga

Luisa, a curvy girl who posts impressive poses, flexible movements, and honest commentaries, has been an inspiration for many plus size ladies who want to adopt a physically active lifestyle and achieve fitness goals via yoga. Luisa shares a lot of pictures of herself, showcasing a range of movements and poses at various locations, proving how flexible a plus size body can be with the help of regular yoga exercises.

Leah – Leebee 2321

Leah Gilbert is an inspiring and highly recognized plus size athlete, fitness instructor, and running coach. In each of her sessions, she seems to have a formidable drive and a very positive view towards her body.

Jessamyn – MyNameIsJessamyn

If you don’t know Jessamyn, you are surely missing on an excellent motivation for having a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. Jessamyn is a true revolutionary, inspiring plus size lady that serves up some serious yoga, promotes body positivity, and a deep commitment to honesty and inclusion. She teaches a lot of unique yoga techniques and exercises that you would love to try.

Jessica – Round the Way Girl

Jessica is one of the most followed, plus size yogis on Instagram, known as a body positive plus size yoga instructor having a bold sense of body, style and a gorgeous smile. She serves as a role model for blending up your physical fitness routine and keeps posting her pictures of weightlifting, workouts, and other fantastic movement practices.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Luisa, Leah, Jessamyn, and Jessica are four inspiring plus size yogis worthy of checking out and following on Instagram to keep yourself motivated and inspired on your journey.