Interesting Guide to Understanding Clothing Sizes

Nowadays, talking about sizes can be very subjective and a huge debate in the fashion industry. The sizes considered as plus size or for a curvy woman differ significantly among brands. Social media has also sparked a discussion that may have lead many to confusion, and it may have even made an impact on people’s self-acceptance.

Women’s Sizes Differ Greatly

Women’s sizes can be more diverse than sizes for men and children, although we wished we all had an easy universal sizing guide. But when trying to understand sizes, it is essential to take into account body types, height, and measurements!

The fashion industry has defined standard measurements for Europe, UK, America, Japan, and Latin America, based on body measurement not over the garments, and depending on the brands’ origin. That is why it is important to you know that sizes are going to vary depending on the brand and the market.

Get your Measurements!

To understand your size and get to determine your size, measuring your body is key. An excellent tip is to measure your chest, waist, hips, and height. Once you have your measurements, you can look for their equivalents in each of the brands!

What is considered plus size? Regarding sizes, most of the brands consider women as plus size from sizes L, XL or 14. Any size under that measure can be viewed as a medium size. But many other brands consider plus size starts on a size 18.

Inspiring Plus Size Models

There are many cases of plus size models that have been criticized for not “looking a certain size” or “not looking plus size.” For example, English model Saffi Karina was listed as “plus-size” with a normal BMI. After that, she dropped her agency after being asked to lose weight because she was “too big,” and launched by her own the Curve Project London to inspire other women to understand the importance of size acceptance.

Bear in Mind While Thinking about your Size

So, yes, we understand you! Figuring out your size can be frustrating, but bear in mind that your goal when shopping is to find a unique piece that enhances your silhouette and makes you feel good, no matter the size!

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