Velvet has made a great comeback hitting both streets and runways as well, with that elegant vibe that all the girls want. This material is made of threads from fabrics like cotton, silk or wool, displaying them in a particular way until they form a very soft surface. Velvet doesn’t offer easy care, and that’s why we put together these tips to keep your velvet pieces looking flawless:

Step 1. Hanging your velvet items
Store your velvet garments carefully, but don’t fold them because they will end up with marks that are very difficult to eliminate.
We also don’t recommend hanging them on metallic hangers that can leave permanent marks on the fabric. The best way is to hang them on a coat hanger during the Winter, and During summer you can put them inside a sleeve to keep dust away!

Step 2. Washing your velvet clothing
Velvet clothing made from cotton or silk shouldn’t be washed with water, so you should take them to a dry-cleaner you trust because they are too delicate. Also, you can get a natural bristle brush to eliminate dust. A pro tip is to brush only in one direction!

Velvet pieces made from a synthetic fabric offer easier care, so they can be washed with a minimal amount of mild soap and cold water, agitating gently and rubbing the stains. You can also use a laundry bag or wash them on a light load in your machine, to avoid the agitation. Avoid using softener because it can leave creases between the fibres ruining the nap.

Full Figure Tip: always check the care label to see what the manufacturer recommends before proceeding!

Step 3. Ironing your velvet pieces
A steamer will be the best wardrobe investment for this step! You can use it if you need to remove creases or to restore the nap. We suggest to always hover in the same direction.

Important things to avoid

  • Don’t use an iron directly on a velvet garment since the heat will damage it! If it is necessary to iron it and you don’t have a steamer, try it with your pieces of clothing inside out at a low temperature and with a handkerchief or a piece of fabric between the velvet and the appliance.
  • Never wring or twist to remove the excess of water because that may damage the fabric. Instead, extend the garment on a flat surface over a dry towel and cover it with another one, and press lightly. Then leave just the towel below and let it dry for a bit.
  • Never dry velvet garments in the sun, or they will lose their shine!

Even though it can be a little bit challenging to keep your velvet clothing clean, don’t stop enjoying the softness and vibe of this beautiful fabric!

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