During these cold days, a good part of your outfits remains hidden under our coat or scarf, even though we make an effort to create a great attire every day. But the one item that is always on sight is your shoes. During the cold days of Winter, we don’t wear any kind of shoes, we wear boots! 

This season definitely makes us consider our fashionista choices, because we want to feel warn and protected from the cold, and avoid any opportunity to but we also want to look awesome. For plus-sized women, findinf the right pair of boots can be a struggle as not every brand provides a wide calf option. So, it is essential to have in mind some key points to make the best choice:

Understanding measurement and sizing of that part of your body

When you measure your calves, do it from the widest point to assure that the largest part of your leg will fit the circumference of the boots.

Full Figure Fashions Tip: Don’t measure just one leg, one of your calves might be larger than the other so take the largest measurement.

Shopping in a comfortable and fun store makes a difference

Another key is preferably shopping in your favorite store to be able to try them on and check they fit perfectly. After trying a couple of different styles, you will find the brand and the style that suits you. If you prefer shopping online, then we recommend you don’t order your exact calf size because you might need more room to feel really comfortable.

Full Figure Fashions Tip: If you want to wear them with jeans, the best choice for the fitting is to choose the skinny style in stretch fabrics, that way they won’t be too snug.

If you want to get an over the knee pair (OTK) wear them with short loose dresses. Also, tights are a great idea to protect your skin from the cold and while going for a sexier look!

Going for booties in striking colors

Another excellent option for warmer days is ankle booties. They are usually a comfortable yet stylish option. You can go from a flat style to a chunky one, and heeled for parties or nights out.

Now, for snowy days we have to sacrifice the heels and go for a more suitable pair of Winter boot style to survive slippery floors and freezing temperatures. There are many stylish and girly options for warm and comfortable winter boots, and you can match them with your toque, vest, and gloves!

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