Five Basic Essentials List for Winter and Summer

Getting ready for every season can be easy if we have a list of five basic items that you can wear every day! In the first part of this blog series, we bring you our five essentials for Winter and Summer!

Winter can be Chic and Easy
For Winter, there is a wide range of coverings offered by our plus size consignment store that pack on thick without losing the amount of chic you need to feel confident about your look.

1. Cashmere Sweater
Simply irreplaceable in your wardrobe, the most versatile piece of clothing made for winter. It goes with all types of skirts (mini, midi, or otherwise), jeans, leather pants, and printed pants. What’s more, the material used in making the sweater is so easy to put on and take off. You can equally go for the coziest beanies made of cashmere fabric in natural and bold colors. A special tip is that the Cashmere looks its best in tandem with a collared shirt pointing out from underneath it available at plus size consignment stores.

2. Over-the-knee Boots
Over the knees for warmth and always chic in winter. Over-the-knee Boots from can be worn with jumpers or jeans for daylight events or jammed with skirts or mini dresses at night time. Water-resistant uppers with warm linings are what you should look out for when searching out boots that are the best for insulation.

3. A Scarf
A good scarf allows you to take more liberties with dresses of your choice without sacrificing your warmth.

4. Turtleneck Tops
Whether paired with a coat, on its own or with sleeveless dresses, turtleneck shirts allow your neck to be cozy all winter. Calgary plus size turtlenecks can go with jeans all week, a functional piece for your wardrobe.

5. A Leather Jacket
A timeless piece capable of improving the coolness and cut off any outfit put together by thousand degrees instantly. Get one from the plus size consignment store to complete your preparation for winter.

Getting Ready for Sunny Summer
The five Full Figure Fashions essentials for this short but lovely season are:

1. Tank tops
For a season where less is mostly the best choice, there are very few better choices than tank tops. What’s better? You can wear them both outdoors and in-house while they go well with everything and anything. A visit the plus size consignment store to get as many tank tops as you can is in order.

2. Yoga Pants
Possibly the lightest material you can get from our plus size consignment store for this summer. Comfortable yoga pants made from cotton fabric and are fit for any indoor or outdoor activity.

3. Shorts
Shorts are our best friends during Summer! They are always in and give us the freedom to enjoy as much of the sun as we can.

4. Bathing Suits
To enjoy Summer at its full, bathing suits are a must! The sunny season doesn’t last too long, and it is essential to enjoy our lakes, pools, rivers, and barbecues with friends! At Full Figure Fashions, you can also find fantastic swimwear in plus sizes!

Summer is THE season to wear dresses! We count the days to be able to wear colorful light long and short dresses. We have plenty of options in store for you!

Full Figure Extra Tip!
Even though we don’t spend every summer day at the river, lake or pool, it is still very important to protect your skin!