Every winter we have a plethora of options to wear, nonetheless selecting the right fabric might be the key to be comfortable and warm, yet feel beautiful and fabulous. Knowing the fabric your clothes are made is also important as the fiber content of fabric may affect the outcome of a piece, from its durability and care to how it adapts to your body.

For this season we have put together this list of fabric and materials you want to wear during Winter and some tips that you want to know when selecting your new clothing!

This unique fabric is originally from Asia, and it is very flattering for winter outfits because it is light without making you look bulky. Its best advantage is that it keeps you warm, but it doesn’t make you sweat.

Cashmere is a natural fiber made from angora, alpaca or camel hair, it is ideal for Winter because it is a very light material, but it keeps the warmth in your body. At Full Figure Fashions, we love cashmere! It is incredibly chic, it doesn’t lose its shape, and it is so durable that if taken care properly it will last you for many winters.

Full Figure Tip: If you don’t want to dry clean your cashmere clothing but want to give it proper care, you can hand wash your cashmere pieces with baby shampoo or mild detergent. Do not wring any piece of clothing made of cashmere it is best to lay it flat on a towel until it dries.

This fabric is comfortable and absorbent and fits well for winter. If you want to recognize a quality cotton look for a close weave and a long fiber length. Cotton is an excellent choice for all kinds of plus-sized clothing because they adjust perfectly to your body, cotton allows your skin to breathe, and it is very easy to maintain as it is machine washable!

Although cotton won’t protect you from the cold per se, it is an excellent alternative for people who have allergies as it is hypoallergenic.

This fabric is a classic, a must in anyone’s wardrobe throughout the whole year! But during winter the best pick is a good pair of skinny jeans to wear your boots comfortably, or a long coat and high heels.

The main advantage of this fit is that it will make you look slimmer, you can put a few layers over your upper body, but your silhouette will be balanced because your jeans are tight.

This fabric is well known for being very soft and comfortable. It is used in different kind of garments like fitted tees or long sleeves, oversize sweaters or dresses, even ponchos. Jersey is perfect to set layers in your winter outfits!

Full Figure Tip: Go for the red, grey or white hues, and you’ll be so ready for the cold!

This great material is resistant and also elegant, it is a good option for casual looks and with fewer layers.

Now you can pick between the classic jacket, with a biker vibe, and that looks awesome with your favorite jeans. You can wear skinny pants and pair them with a blazer for your office look, and skirts with dressy tops if you feel edgy for dinner with friends. Faux leather is typically much more affordable, and it is durable as well.

This fabric can be 100% natural or mixed with synthetic materials too, but keep in mind that the more natural it is, the scratchier it feels. Alpaca wool is the finest, softest and most flexible wool while the warmest sweaters are made from sheep wool.

Full Figure Tip: It is better not to wear wool in direct contact with your skin. But you can pick a jacket or a poncho and wear it over other clothes.

Now that you have all this new insight about fabrics, it will be easier to select among all the choices we have for you in our store. Remember that at Full Figure Fashions we have new clothes and consignment items!

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