Best Colours to Wear this Year

Last December, Pantone announced that living coral is the colour for 2019. A very flattering hue for any skin tone, that can be matched with cold and warm hues to make colour blocking ensembles and great for monochromatic looks too. But those are not the only reasons why it’s been chosen, as in peach, orange, and golden touches, living coral brings optimism and energy. So get ready to make your wish list with your favourite pieces in this tone.

Based on living coral we present you a complementary colour palette with the best tones to wear this year, creating an interaction from the neutrals and pastels through the brightest shades:

2019 is a Great Year to Wear Beige
This neutral colour paired with a rich colour like living coral will give you the easiest and most versatile choices to put outfits together. Beige pants with a dressy top are perfect for office attire, also in your shoes or bags is a great choice since living coral is so bright.

Classic White Keeps Being Essential
We are sure you may have a few essentials in this tone in your wardrobe! Even though it’s not common during colder months, dare to be different and pull it off in layers. For example, a fine button-down shirt or pants will be the perfect canvas to add the living coral touch with a blazer, a sweater or accessories.

Pastels are In this Year
Light pink can be perfect for colour blocking outfits but in a subtle note. Pairing it with colour like living coral, will balance your ensemble, you can put together a light pink sweater and a bright coral A-line skirt. This way you will set a focal point in your body choosing just one bright piece.

Lilac can be really eye-catching! Mix the tones wearing a lilac dress with coral earrings, or find a piece with the perfect blend of both tones in its pattern.

Go Bright and Shine
A green bright shade will give you one of the best schemes for colour blocking trend. As in nature, green and living coral look very good together because of the contrast.

Purple will create the perfect contrast in your ensemble. Pairing it with living coral during the hot season will make you the master of colour blocking. Purple palazzo pants in a flowy fabric, a simple living coral tank top, metallic sandals, and striking accessories and you’ll be ready for fun.

Go Dark!
Finally, navy blue goes along really well with living coral. For a flattering silhouette choose blue for the bottoms, while a coral top will bring life to your upper body. Visit us at Fill Figure Fashions find lovely combinations in these tones, pick up matching accessories to wear 2019’s trending colours and we are the fun place to shop anything you need sizes 14+

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