If anyone asks you, “how do you feel about your body?”, Don’t rush to answer. For a lot of women, this can be a daunting question, something that can ignite a lot of emotions. We may feel fear, frustration or shame. When faced with this question, try to think of it most positively. And that you can do by appreciating and loving your body irrespective of your size. Self-acceptance comes from appreciating and loving yourself right now, no matter where you stand in your journey. Take a look at these simple ways to practice self-love and achieve these essential pillars: Self-acceptance and body positivity. 

Accept that we all are different

Seeing unrealistic images and videos of beauty is daunting, but who doesn’t look perfect with expensive clothing, professional makeup, Photoshop, and great lighting? Stop comparing yourself to these images in magazines, Instagram, or online. Even better, stop comparing yourself with anyone. Embrace that we all are different; our bodies and shapes are different, and we all have different goals and different journeys.

Do positive self-talk

Research has shown that almost 70% of our daily self-talk can be frustrating and negative. When you find yourself having negative thoughts about your body, don’t focus on them, just replace them with more positive thoughts.

Move from fear to gratitude

It is easy to get trapped in what we dislike about ourselves. These thoughts come from fear, a fear that our physical appearance is unworthy and unappreciated by others. Don’t let other peoples comment determine your value.

A good practice is to focus on gratitude. Gratitude is the opposite of fear. Your body allows you to work, live, interact, and achieve your goals. When you try to shift into a gratitude vibe, you will be feeling and displaying a more positive and inviting vibe as well.

Focus on your happiness and not on your size

Fulfilling a physical beauty standard is of no use if you are not healthy. A number on the scale or a pant size should not define you, you are so much more than any number. When you focus on your happiness, self-acceptance and self-love come way more easily.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Four simple ways to practice self-love are accepting that we all are different, being positive when it comes to self-talk, moving from fear to gratitude, focusing on your happiness and not on your size.