For us accessorizing is essential because it helps us define our personal style. It is what actually gives an outfit a final touch, so the way you accessorize not only shows your taste but also how well you know what looks good on you according to your features.

Overall, we suggest that most of the pieces you own should be in neutral colors, so you make your investment last a lifetime.Try to pick accessories in neutral colors, mix different materials and think about when would you wear them, is it for a special occasion or is it for your everyday?

Here are the top 5 accessories for us at Full Figure Fashions:


They protect you from the sun and also make you look glam. Sunglasses are necessary during the whole year, no matter the season, and we can find different styles for face, so make sure to pick them according to your features and not only to the trends.

  • If your face shape is oval, you are a lucky lady because almost any style flatters your face.
  • If your face shape is round complementing it with straight lines picking cat eye, square or the classic wayfarer silhouettes.
  • If your face shape is square pick rounded frames like aviators to soften straight lines
  • If your face shape is heart pick delicate frames with soft lines and curved edges.
  • If your face shape is diamond pick sunglasses with curves that are not wider than your cheeks.


There are many styles of earrings we could wear. One thing is granted: your face will look better with earrings because they enhance your features. Over the years the trends have varied, but you should consider having pieces like statement earrings with vibrant colors for special occasions, classy pearl studs for discrete events, golden hoops for retro looks and a pair of gemstones.


A watch is always functional and stylish, the right choice will make you look sophisticated in a black-tie event or in a business meeting. Right now, the advantage is that you can find low budget options and equally beautiful than an expensive piece. The best choices are leather ribbon or stainless steel, although you can take a look at fabric ribbons for more relaxed outfits.

Tote Bag

The tote bag craze began in the 1940’s, and it became a must! For us it is practical to put everything we may need during the day in just one bag, combining style and functionality. Always look for a durable material like leather, and once in a while purchase it in a bright color or a pretty pattern.


Marilyn Monroe used to say “Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Own a good pair of shoes with high heels, because they totally changed a whole outfit stylizing your figure and also giving movement to the fabrics.

You can find any of these accessories for any kind of budget, from low cost to designer brands. So now you know that accessorizing rounds out an outfit, try to find some time to put on a couple of items.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Earrings, a watch, a tote bag, and stilettos are our top 5 must-have accessories at Full Figure Fashions.