How Should Items Come in for Consignment?

We take great pride in the quality and condition of the plus size clothing options and accessories we add to our store. In order to provide the best service and products to our valued customers and consignors we recommend the following when consigning your items:

  1. Bring your plus size clothing items in on hangers whenever possible. This allows us to give your product a more efficient preliminary check while transferring them to our hangers. You will receive your hangers back as soon as this process is completed. Also, when the items come on hangers, they wrinkle less and this reduces prep time. Therefore, your item will be put out for sale quicker!
  2. To provide a positive consignment experience, all consignment items and plus size clothing should be freshly laundered or dry cleaned making sure all items are free of wrinkles, lint, hair, pet fur, etc.
  3. Please ensure all pockets are empty. If you are consigning a purse, clean it inside and out.
  4. If you bring footwear, make sure you clean it inside and out removing any aftermarket soles and padding.
  5. Check any existing zippers, they must be in good working order.
  6. Every item should arrive to the best of your ability, in the condition you would want to purchase them.

For a more fun, fantastic, formidable consignment experience, please be advised that the condition of your clothing items is very important to us. We can’t accept items that are torn, stained, soiled, or showing excessive wear
In addition, your account will be charged “prep charges” for batches requiring excessive handling (steaming, ironing, de-linting, etc). These items will also delay arrival time on the sales floor.