When is the best time to bring my consignment items and do I need and appointment?

We accept items for consignment during regular business hours everyday! Check out our working hours here.

If you bring more than 10 consignment items, we recommend that you make an appointment.

With 10 items or less you are welcome to drop by at your convenience, except during big sale days. Most big sales are held Friday through Sunday. Please check our website, your emails if you are subscribed to our newsletter, or feel free to give us a call to determine the best time to drop by.

As consignment intakes are based on seasons, please bring your items according to the season as follows:

The best time to bring Spring/Summer consignment items is December to May.
The best time to bring Fall/Winter consignment items is July to October.


The best way to increase your time on the sales floor is to bring your items in early for each season! This maximizes our sales potential!