3 Retro Trends That Are Coming Into Style

Retro plus size women’s clothes have been gaining momentum lately, and it seems we are not ready to let go of the vintage vibes yet. Nostalgia for the past is stronger than ever and learning how to replicate fashion retro trends is a must. Last year, there was a boom for the 90s, but now 70s and 80s-inspired looks are coming into style. Our plus size consignment store in Calgary, Full Figure Fashions, is the perfect place for you to find that piece you want to add to your wardrobe.

Among the trendy plus size clothing options, you will find in our plus size store in Calgary, we suggest you check immediately these three retro trends that are here to stay!

Disco Vibes

Remember that fashion is about having fun and taking risks! This season is all about sequins and glitter. You can even leap at the chance of wearing them during daytime while toning them down with solid-color pieces. Another option for you is choosing sexy plus size clothing in super vibrant tones. Colour blocking is a trend again as it was in the 80s, so don’t be afraid of the Rubik’s Cube look!

Luxurious Velvet

New plus size clothing options have been incorporating details in this fantastic fabric. The good news is that velvet is no longer restricted to fall and winter. If you are concerned about the heaviness of a whole velvet outfit, you can opt for velvet dresses, tank tops or a blazer that will make you look sleek.

Garish Florals

One of the riskiest but funniest fashion options to go retro are garish prints, especially the floral ones. In our women’s plus size boutique in Calgary, you can find the perfect inspiration to replicate this 70s trend. It is time to leave neutrals for a while and go crazy with prints. And if you are feeling extra bold, why not mixing different patterns in a single outfit? The most unexpected combinations tend to produce the best looks.

A Bonus

Let’s not forget about accessories! Thick black leather or zigzag headbands, banana clips, gold oversized earrings and necklaces, and geometric jewelry, in general, are coming into style again. Our plus size consignment concept also includes accessories to complete all your looks.

We invite you to visit our Calgary plus size store, where you will have a fun and positive consignment experience with our expert staff. They will help you find the perfect retro plus size women’s clothes you need to rock this season! We have consignment items and new lines in all sizes 14+. Contact us today or join our newsletter!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Retro plus size women’s clothes are coming into style right now. If you want to go retro, Full Figure Fashions suggests opting for sequins, glitter, vibrant colors, velvet outfits, garish floral prints and bold accessories.